Creative Women’s day greeting card ideas

women's day greeting card
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Women’s day greeting card is one of the most effective ways to show your mom, girlfriend, wife, grandmother… how much you love them on this special occasion. International Women’s day is annually celebrated on March 8th. It is a day for us to raise our voices in solidarity with people from around the world in support of equal rights. We honor all women from every faith, race, ethnicity, working field, or sexual identity.

Just simply send them a beautiful greeting card with words from the bottom of your heart, they would absolutely feel loved and appreciated then. And in case you are still wondering whether to choose from tons of greeting card collections. Here are our highly recommended cards for this upcoming special day.

Women’s day greeting card ideas

1. Women’s day greeting card – Wildflower Butterflies Pop Up Card

Bring a whole garden of colorful butterflies to your loved one with our creative dimensional card. They will surely fall head over heels for this lively little garden that you bought.

women's day greeting card

Wildflower Butterflies Pop-Up Card

2. Women’s day greeting card – Rose Bouquet Pop Up Card

Roses can be a stunning way to express our feelings and thoughts, from “I love you” to “I treasure this friendship”. But in general, roses are known as a symbol of love, romance, and passion. Sending a rose bouquet pop-up card to your loved one could mean that you love them so much and you appreciate their love in return, and also this love is going to last forever since this is an unwithered rose bouquet.

women's day greeting card

Rose Bouquet Pop Up Card

3. Women’s day greeting card – Tulips Bouquet Pop Up Card

Flowers are the perfect way to express your emotion when no words can and tulips are a perfect example. This flower conveys a lot of meanings. Tulips can be considered as a symbol of deep, unconditional love for, whether it’s your partner, children, parents, or siblings. Besides that tulips also symbolize rebirth, life changes as they blossom at the start of spring. Then why not choose a meaningful tulip bouquet pop-up card for your female significant other as a greeting card?

women's day greeting card

Tulips Bouquet Pop Up Card

4. Women’s day greeting card – Daisy Pop Up Card 

Women are born naturally to fall in love with beauty, including flowers. Don’t hesitate to buy your loved one a beautiful, mesmerizing flower card, and among all kinds of flowers, daisies are such a good option. Daisy represents purity or love’s purity due to their soft white petals. Along with it, daisy also symbolizes new beginnings and cheerfulness. A bouquet of daisies is a nice way to brighten up someone’s day.

women's day greeting card

Daisy Pop Up Card

5. Women’s day greeting card – Super MOM Pop Up card

And don’t forget to send some love to mothers on women’s day as well, because they are and continue to be one of the most important women in our lives. They have raised us with their unconditional love throughout the years, so it would be very meaningful to give your mom a lovely greeting card that contains a message of how much you appreciate her existence and dedication.

women's day greeting card

Super MOM Pop Up card

To find out more, please take a look at our CharmPop cards collection or browse from the items below.

women's day greeting card

Lilies of the Valley Basket Pop Up Card

women's day greeting card

Butterfly Pop Up Card

women's day greeting card

Watering Can Sunflower Bouquet Pop Up Card

Butterflies Wild Flower Pop Up Card

Mixed Flowers Bouquet Pop Up Card

Lily Bouquet Pop Up Card

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