Best wishes to write in Christmas cards


Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate family, joy, and togetherness. It’s a time to gather family and consume enormous amounts of food and drink in order to stay warm throughout the cold season. Whether you’re spending the holidays together or apart, you’ll probably want to write the best “Merry Christmas!” sentiments in your Christmas cards. However, being in such a busy season and a time when we need to write a lot of wishes to many people in different situations, it can become a challenge to find the right merry Christmas words, especially when you’re not a good writer. But don’t worry, we got you covered. We rounded up the most simple yet meaningful wishes, saying greetings to include this year. Take a look at them below…

4 ways why you should write a Thanksgiving card.

4 ways Why you should write a Thanksgiving card thanksgiving card custom anniversary card custom anniversary card order custom cards custom 3d card

Every festival from the beginning of time to the present has its unique meaning. Indeed, Thanksgiving is a time for each of us to express our appreciation to the people we love and to the world around us. This year, along with sharing with everyone around the dinner table, find out with Charmpop why we should send a Thanksgiving card to family members, friends, close coworkers, and even partners.

How to write a flower card message?


Are you concerned and having trouble understanding how to compose a flower card message? Wishes like “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Easter” are common and dull, and if you write too much, the card will end up seeming like a lengthy, tacky handwritten letter. Don’t worry; with only a few pointers, you’ll be able to make a meaningful card for your loved ones and friends.

Custom Christmas pop up card for families

custom Christmas pop up card-Snowman Pop Up Card-1000x1000

Christmas happens to be one of the best times of the year with the looming joy of the approaching year as well. Needless to say, it is celebrated in several continents and marks the winter vacations as well- when family gets together and celebrates together after a long time. However, you are still not able to meet many of your friends and relatives. If that is the case and you wish to give something special to your closed relatives as well, the best way to do so is to get a custom Christmas pop up card that would show them how special they really mean to you.

Emotional benefits of sending handmade greeting card


In this digital era, it’s so easy to send an ecard, SMS, Facebook message, or even start a WhatsApp conversation, but nothing surpasses sending a classic handmade greeting card. A card may not be able to translate the deepest feelings ior replace a genuine smile or warm hug. However, it can transmit what is on your mind that you’re too shy or that is too awkward and cheesy to be sad face to face. Below are some emotional benefits of handmade greeting cards you might need to know: 

What to write in a pop-up card to your friend


We all get so busy with our lives that we forget to check in with friends and other loved ones, especially when we don’t live nearby. Imagine receiving mail from a friend for no special occasion just to let you know that they always care about you and support you – it would mean a lot, right? Even messages sent in an electronic format can make someone’s day. Each of us experiences hardship and problems in life, which can be depressing at times. Sending a friend a thoughtful pop-up card can help lighten their emotional burden.

How to celebrate Xmas in July


Ever feel like you love Christmas so much that you want to celebrate it more than once a year? Yeah. So do we. That’s why we got Christmas in July as a good excuse for us to enjoy this holiday one more time. But wait! Did you have a plan to celebrate this mid-year holiday? If not, you come to the right place. In this blog, we will get you some fun ideas for Christmas in July. Let’s dive in.

How to celebrate your loved one’s birthday

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Celebrating someone special on their birthday is a lot of joy. It’s even better if you have the perfect gift for them. Even they’re into fancy thing or little thoughtful gift, we have some unique ideas to share. Look though our list to choose the right one for parents, friends or any one you want to make their day a memorable day.