New designed pop up cards – [July 2019]5 78 votes 5 Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The air holds a vibrancy that winter seems to lack; the sky appears bluer and the future feels more promising. From golden sunshine to beautiful flowers, summer can warm even the coldest heart. Summer wedding, therefore, is an […]

Easter messages for your pop up cards5 1 vote 5 Easter is a fun holiday. Bunnies lay eggs, children hunt for eggs, and people dress up in fancy clothes. Jesus Christ’s resurrection is celebrated by Christians across the world. It’s a holiday filled with fun and meaning. Secular traditions include meaningful family get-togethers. But thinking […]

New designed pop up cards – [April 2019]4.9 79 votes 5 “Spring breathes new life into the world around us.”  Take a deep. Smell that? It’s spring being awesome. As a Vietnamese native happily transplanted in Hanoi, I have a real appreciation for the beginning of Spring. I love the sweet smell in the air, […]

A Hoppy Easter Gift Guide5 1 vote 5     Not so difficult to make a pop-up box card. Let’s accompany with CharmPop to make one of the cutest cards for your kids on all occasions, especially their Birthday. Supplies – 12″x12” Cardstock – Coordinating patterned paper – Adhesive – Die cuts, Quickutz heart dies used here […]

WHAT TO EXPECT IN NEW DESIGN MOTHER’S DAY POP UP CARDS 2019?5 1 vote 5 To all the Super Moms out there! So let us grace the precious Motherhood throughout these sweet and loving cards. Let’s gift our Mother’s Day pop up cards along with your thoughtful handwritten note to your Super Mom, Mother-In-Law or […]

SUPER SIMPLE HEART POP UP CARD TUTORIAL FOR VALENTINE’S DAY5 1 vote 5 We’ve all been there: it’s Feb. 13, and you’re in the greeting card aisle, desperately searching through the cheesy red, pink, and gold embellished cards, hoping to find something that expresses the love you have for your Valentine. Besides all the designs […]

MOST FAVORITE CARDS: VALENTINE’S DAY EDITION 2019Rate this post Our customers are always willing to express their feeling for every item they received and they always have their own favorite card. We asked a few people from every nation what their favorite CharmPop 3D card was for Valentine’s Day. Here are their responses! 1/ Gerard […]

FACTS ABOUT THE USA FRUIT CUPCAKE DAY5 79 votes 5 These days, every day each year is always busy with a variety of special day. Let CharmPop get you acquainted with one of the sweetest days in the USA: Fruit cupcake day on DECEMBER 27TH!!! What’s a fruit cupcake? It is kind of cupcake that […]