Super easy DIY kitten bookmarks 4.55 (90.91%) 22 votes Often times we never quite finish a book, and we’re always left looking around for something to hold our page. Instead of using random scraps of paper, Let’s whip up these super colorful and cute DIY kitten bookmarks out of paint chips! Now we have tons […]

DIY napkin flowers [ Tutorial ] 4.43 (88.57%) 7 votes A romantic dinner can never be perfect without flowers. Add to your table some cute DIY napkin flowers. Let them wrap around your glasses as pretty votive decorations. Let’s be creative this time and addPerfect for that outdoor dinner you’ve been planning! Adjust the size […]

Rate this post Make this Father’s Day special by letting your kids making their own spinning card as a present. Add a cute selfie photo that twirls on a string. Your kids can pick their favorite snapshots of themselves and glue them back to back, or decorate both sides however they like. Then all that’s […]

Kirigami cards New released- [ May collection] 4.67 (93.33%) 6 votes Celebrate the day or say what’s on your mind with a greeting card. You’ve got flowers, a gift, and you are hunting down the perfect card. We can relate: There’s nothing like a boring card, especially with all the awesomeness of your dearests to […]

Simple kirigami card Tutorial 4.86 (97.14%) 7 votes In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to cut out text that flows as though it’s written by hand – and you’ll make a unique greetings card in the process. It’s got a very sweet message so you’ll be able to make it time and again. Let’s get […]