3D Flower Greeting Cards – Best-selling Collection for Spring Season

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3D Pop up flower cards - best-selling collection for spring season

Infuse a touch of springtime joy with our delightful best-selling 3D flower greeting cards collection. They burst open to reveal vibrant blooms, capturing the essence of the season and spreading cheer with every fold. Let’s explore!


Hydrangea Basket Pop Up Card (Blue)

Its name is the combination of the words ‘hydro’, which means water, and ‘aging’, which means a barrel or pitcher. In Japanese culture, they symbolize heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and apology. Because according to legend, a Japanese emperor gave a bunch of hydrangeas to the girl he loved, to apologize for neglecting her for his work. They’re now actually used a lot in anniversary flowers and bouquets.

This greeting card filled with adorable flower illustrations will help you translate those lovable sentiments. Sending across your sweetest gestures is about as possible with this one!


Hydrangea Basket Pop Up Card (Pink)

Elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary by gifting one of Charmpop’s 3D flower greeting cards with pop up flowers. Watch the magic unfold as the pretty pink Hydrangea blossom reveals its delicate petals, adorned with wild butterfly wings. Yet, the real magic lies not just in the intricate design but in the message you choose to express. With this alluring card, unleash the charm, let your feelings blossom, and set off on a journey to create enduring memories.


Butterfly Pop Up Card

Butterflies have been on earth since the “age of flowering plants” era, about 135 million years ago. Hence, butterflies enjoy a significant place in the ancient folklore and mythology of many cultures around the world. In ancient Greece, the word for butterfly means “soul”. Meanwhile, native Americans have considered butterflies as symbols of transformation, hope, and rebirth. Seeing one is a sign that brave forces are watching over you and ensuring graceful transitions. 

Everyone on the earth deserves to be cheerful by flowers and beautiful things. For this Spring, bring about a twist to your usual sweet messages to your lover. This 3D flower greeting card will help you translate those lovable sentiments.

best-selling pop up flower cards

Wildflower Butterflies Pop Up Card

Dive into a burst of vibrancy and fun with our colorful butterflies pop up card featuring wildflowers. Gorgeous flower dance on this card conveys messages of love, purity, and optimism, and the butterflies stand for rebirth, hope, and transformation. Unfold the card, and you’ll experience a sensation of being immersed in a diverse butterfly world, where they gracefully dance upon blossoming flower buds.

If you are someone who is afraid to express love through words, let this card work its magic. Appreciation lies not only in direct words but also through words and small, beautiful things.


Mixed Flowers and Hummingbird Pop Up Card

Seeing the sign of the rainbow fur of the hummingbird is an inspiring sign of hope and good fortune. Besides, it asserts a mild and tender feeling originating from the mix of purple flowers. These pop up flower cards bring the sense of embracing the magical beauty of nature in a small version. The flowers are well organized and presented in order so they can bloom to the fullest. We assure you that the recipient may spend hours enjoying the meticulous details of this card.

pop up flower bouquet card

Sunflower Butterfly Pop Up Card

Watch as blooms burst forth before your eyes with our enchanting flower pop up card, designed to add a touch of warmth to your spring days. The vibrant sunflower adorned with delicate blue butterfly wings, symbolizing the promise of a radiant new beginning. This card is more than simply a card; it’s a charming springtime present and a great way to show love to your family and friends. With an expression that shines as brightly as the flowers it highlights, enjoy the beauty of the season.

Sunflower Butterfly Pop Up Card - Best-selling Collection for Spring Season

Love Teddy Bear Flower’s Basket Pop Up Card

Choosing the card with the pop-up roses and the adorable teddy bear is an ideal way to let your partner or dear ones know how much you care. As the vibrant days of the Spring Festival unfold, don’t let the opportunity for little surprises and moments of sweetness pass by because a kind gesture goes a long way in the language of affection. Let the delicate Love Teddy Bear Flower’s Basket Pop Up Card symbolize the blossoming love, and represent the warmth you hold in your heart.

Teddy Bear Flower's Bouquet Pop Up Card - Best-selling Collection for Spring Season

Jacaranda Tree Pop Up Card

In the realm of Australian spring, the Jacaranda stands tall as a symbol of profound meaning – embodying wisdom, rebirth, wealth, and a dash of good fortune. The violet bell-shaped flowers with lush green leaves, paint an amazing work of nature, reflecting the spirit of the season. As the new season approaches, why not send your warmest messages with loved ones through this stunning three-dimensional sculpture of a Jacaranda tree card?


Out of our collection of the most popular 3D flower greeting cards, which one has impressed you the most? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the thought of making the perfect choice. Remember, the recipient will appreciate the gift, and it’s the thought that counts!

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