Favorite Mothers day cards collection

mothers day 3d card
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Mother’s Day is a holiday that celebrates motherhood in various ways across the world. This year, Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 14th. To prepare for this important day, Mothers day cards would be a good choice for the gift. In case you haven’t got any idea for Mothers day cards, here are some of our suggestions.

Mothers day cards

Our Mothers day cards come in various styles and colors depending on our customers’ needs. Each card also has a different meaning. But commonly, giving your mom a Mothers day card shows how much you love her and how much you appreciate her effort in raising you.

Favorite Mothers day cards collection

1. Mothers day cards – Tulip Bouquet Pop Up Card

For Mothers day cards, you can start with floral-themed ones since every flower has its own meaning. The meaning behind tulip flowers could be diverse. It symbolizes a variety of events, emotions, and qualities. Among them is a long-lasting love, which may not exist only between spouses but also among other family members. Tulips are sometimes associated with the emblem of neglected and fleeting love. Besides that, Tulip is also the flower of riches and success. 


tulip card for mother's day

Tulip Bouquet Pop Up Card

2. Mothers day cards – Peony Pop Up Card

Peonies originally emerged in Chinese before making their way to Japan. In both of these countries, peonies mean “the king of flowers”. People also consider peonies as a symbol of abundance. This is because in the past, only Chinese emperors can use peonies. In Japan, peonies are present for courage, honor, and good fortune.

Peonies, on the other hand, generally represent wealth, good fortune, love, and honor.

peony 3d card for mother's day

Peony Pop Up Card

3. Mothers day cards – Sunflower Bouquet Pop Up Card

Like many other flowers, sunflowers also have various meanings based on religious and cultural origins. For example, in China, people believe sunflowers represent the concepts of long life and longevity. Many people equate sunflowers with long-term consistency and devotion, owing to the flower bud’s tendency to follow the sun. In flower language, giving someone sunflowers shows adoration and much love.

sunflower pop up card for mother's day

Sunflower Bouquet Pop Up Card

4. Mothers day cards – Lilies of the Valley Basket Pop Up Card

There are various tales of lily of the valley. Many think the little flowers are formed from Eve’s tears when she left the Eden garden. Lily of the valley is also referenced multiple times in the Bible.

Lily of the valley is now one of the most preferred flowers at weddings. Even in France, on May 1st, during La Fête du Muguet, people give lilies to their loved one as a symbol of luck and merriment. 

This type of flower is currently associated with motherhood and happiness.

lilies of the valley 3d card for mother

Lilies of The Valley Basket Pop Up Card

5. Mothers day cards – Best MOM ever pop up card

Besides symbolic flowers and animals, we have another choice for Mother’s day. Just go with the card that can be popped up into a three-dimensional diorama of colorful “Best MOM ever” lettering, accented with flowers and butterflies. It’s an interesting way to confess your love to your mom directly. 

mothers day card

Best MOM Ever Pop Up Card

6. Mothers day cards – Super MOM pop up card

Here we also have a best-selling 3D card for Mother’s day – super MOM pop up card.

They said, “Not all heroes wear capes”, then mom is definitely a true superhero. She has sacrificed her youth and health to raise us fully grown. So why not spend this lovely compliment for your mom on this special occasion?!

mothers day 3d card

Super Mom Pop Up Card

But no matter what Mothers day cards you choose for your mom, don’t forget to put some sweet, thoughtful wishes on them. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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