07 preparations you must complete before Thanksgiving

thanksgiving preparation checklist
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07 preparations you must complete before Thanksgiving

With the upcoming holiday seasons, you may have stressed out tons of work needed to finish. Here we list out some common Thanksgiving preparations you can follow. Hope it will work out for you.


Thanksgiving is the sign of several holidays in the last part of a year. Hence, except for the feast table, it would be great to beautify your house to fit the theme. That could change the whole game, amplify the sense of holiday, and elevate your house to an upper level. 

You can start with some places such as tables, front doors, living walls, and even the whole house. The decorations can vary from DIY things to something from the store, you’ll appreciate the fact that almost all of the ideas included are DIY Thanksgiving decorations. They can be autumn-inspired photo frames, pumpkin ornaments, dry leaf wall hangings, etc. Whatever your style is, these Thanksgiving decoration ideas are guaranteed to look amazing in your house during the holidays.

Another option that you may consider is pop-up card. It is not only for giving but also an ideal choice to level up your space with a unique look. Lively manufacturing details of the card might be the treasure to store the sense of gathering holiday. For more information, check out here.

Store foods

You do not want to go out to refill your pantry in the middle of the holiday, right? So pre-preparing is a must.

Before hitting any shops, check your cupboards to verify the supplies you do have on hand. Then, check the expiration date on food and make sure you have enough spices. Now is the time to compile your grocery list. After that, you can fully relax because the Thanksgiving grocery specials will be available in plenty of time for you to make the most of them.

Kitchen utilities

It is important to ensure that you have enough cookware and serveware for all the dishes on your menu. Make sure that everything is clean and ready to use on the big day. 

Iron the tablecloths and napkins, and ensure that you have enough table settings for all your guests. If you plan to decorate the table, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies, or start making the decorations in advance.

Check if there is enough seating for everyone during dinner. If extra chairs are in demand, make arrangements to borrow or hire them in advance. 

thanksgiving dinner preparation
thanksgiving preparation checklist

Clean the house

First impressions matter, and keeping a clean home is a great way to make sure your guests feel welcome. Begin by cleaning the entryway, floorsl, surfaces and  and that everything is in its proper place.

When it comes to the bathroom, start by cleaning the sink, counter, toilet, and floors. If it’s been a while, consider washing or replacing your shower curtain and liner.

A clean kitchen is essential for a great cooking experience. Make sure to clean your oven in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises such as foul-smelling smoke. 

thanksgiving day preparation schedule
thanksgiving preparation
thanksgiving preparation timeline

Invite Guests

Start By Creating a List and choose the perfect Thanksgiving Invitation

You have to compile a list of people you wish to invite. This is the perfect first step in your party planning. This will give you a holistic view of the amount of food needed and some preferences for special guests.
Start by creating a list, checking it, and then shortlist it to the final version. Following this is a fun step in choosing an invitation theme. This would be to represent the type of dinner.

Be Very Clear In What You Expect Your Guests To Bring

If it’s a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, then make sure you say so, plus ask them to confirm with you the dish they’re bringing so that there aren’t multiples.
If it is not a potluck and you are doing the majority of the cooking, maybe ask for appetizers, a bottle of wine, pies even.

thanksgiving preparation

Clear out the fridge, freezer, and pantry

About Thanksgiving, not only do you have to store turkey but also other ingredients, and of course, the leftovers. Hence, it is vital to make room for them beforehand and place them in order too. Here are some tips that you can apply:

  • Use large trays to store items: You can find them at convenience stores or supermarkets. Hence, it will be easy for you to find and take out in case you are in a big hurry to prepare the meal.
  • Put the snack in the center of the cabinet: The fact that you and your family spend a lot of time at home on holiday, food, especially snacks, will be in high demand. So putting snacks and candy right in the center allows easy access to food.
  • Stack new food on the inside: If you have a lot of the same product, make that habit. This will prevent food from being wasted
thanksgiving preparation timeline
thanksgiving preparation
thanksgiving preparation timeline

Regarding the refrigerator, you need to be more cautious. A certain section of the fridge serves different purposes as their temperature is appropriate for different types of food.

  • Freezer compartment: This is where the temperature is very low in the refrigerator. You should store fresh foods that you want to keep for a long time such as meat, fish, and seafood. You can also make cool ice cubes, ice cream, or yogurt. Pro tip: Add a small tea pack for refreshment purposes.
  • Cabinet door: This is the least cooled place in the refrigerator. So you can only keep dry foods or spices and sauces.
  • On the bottom shelf: add heavy products. But not too much because it can harm the fridge’s door.
  • Top shelf: Put foods such as leftovers, drinks, or ready-to-eat foods in this compartment. Because this is where the cold air radiates out a lot, it keeps food stay as fresh as usual.
  • Lower shelves: Place eggs, milk, meat, or seafood you want to use or defrost here. But, you should wrap meat, seafood, etc., and put them in a food container to avoid leaking onto other foods.
  • Drawer: The drawers’ construction maintains appropriate humidity for vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

Prepare gift

Don’t forget to show love to your loved ones on Thanksgiving while preparing for the night. Here are some suggestions that you can follow:

checklist for thanksgiving preparation


Carnations are popular Mother’s Day gifts, and Thanksgiving is no exception.


Giving a pair of gloves or a cozy sweater is exactly what everyone needs. 

thanksgiving gift ideas


A glass of red wine a day for elderly people has many health benefits.

Otherwise, if you are invited to a gathering, bringing along some homemade food is not a bad idea. You can try some dishes below to express your gratitude for the host’s generosity. 

  • Stuffing: This is a delicious and attractive dish, often used to stuff turkey or eat with some other main dishes.
  • Pumpkin cake: The delicious blend of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger makes pumpkin cake a favorite among many.
  • Cranberry sauce: The harmonious blend of blueberries, lemon zest, and sugar will create a sweet, attractive flavor on Thanksgiving day. Cranberry sauce makes turkey more perfect than ever.
  • Cornbread: Unlike regular bread, cornbread is made from corn flour. It is this difference that creates a unique cake with an attractive aroma and gentle, indulgent sweetness.
thanksgiving day gift
what is a good gift for thanksgiving

Be relaxed

In final words, the holiday is the time for relaxation and reunion, so don’t feel stressed out and consider it as a burden. It’s okay to have a break and have something unfinished. In the end, hope you and your loved one have a great Thanksgiving.

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