Dog House Pop up Card

Dog House pop up card has a red cover with a cute dog house pattern. The image reveals just enough of the surprise inside. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of a dog house with red roof and a black dog cutie sticking out of the door.
We always leave the card blank so that you can personalize your own words.

Inspiration of Dog House pop up card:

The card is inspired that familiar small shed that provides a safe place to your puppies outdoors. No needs for overdramatic ideas, the moment when the sculpture pops up is enough to trigger excitement. We paid full attention to even smallest detail like the wooden boards, to make the Pop-up closest to that actual dog house in your garden. We hope with this simple card, you will perfectly surprise any recipients.

Occasion for Dog House pop up card:

This pop up card is most suitable to celebrate Birthday for this film’s fans and for those who love Dalmatians, from your little child to your friends. Give this handmade pop up card to your loved ones to bring them joy and warmness on their birthday or any everyday occasion.

One CharmPop Card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 5×5 ( inch)
Colors: custom color
Wholesales Price: contact

Dog House Pop up Card
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