Lavender Vase Pop Up Card

Lavender vase pop up card has a purple cover with a beautiful romantic Lavender pattern. The pop-up is a vase with full of lavender flowers. Our craftsmen has carefully design layers and layers of the pop-up to form a perfect and lively sculpture. We always leave the card blank so that you can personalize your own words.

Inspiration for Lavender vase pop up card:

While purple is the color of royalty, and pink the color of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. Lavender flowers are grown in gardens and used for their aroma and medicinal uses more than they are used for special occasions. People often use this flower in arrangements of other similarly colored flowers to decorate in any type of refined, elegant, and/or feminine occasion. A little vase of deep purple lavender will tells your own story depending on how you deliver it to your loved ones.

Occasion for Lavender vase pop up card:

We hope this product could become a simple delicate gift for any women you love. Suitable for girlfriends, wife or family, anyone who love Lavender. Inspired by the wonderful Lavender Fields that bloom every summer! This card is the perfect gift for keen gardeners.


One CharmPop Card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 5×7 ( inch)
Colors: custom color
Wholesales Price: contact