New release in May

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As a 3D Pop Up Card wholesale supplier, we are so excited to launch our latest and greatest collection of new 3D pop up cards. Especially, we believe that you’re definitely able to find something fitting for every upcoming occasion in your life such as Father’s Day, Wedding Day, and Graduation Day with our monthly released designs

3D Pop Up Card wholesale Lilies-of-the-Valley-Basket-Pop-Up-3D-Pop-Up-Card-Wholesale-Manufacturer-and-Supplier-Thank-you-Mothers-Day-Floral-Congratulation-Graduation-just-because-Wedding.jpg

1. Best DAD Ever Pop Up Card 

3D Pop Up Card wholesale Best-Dad-Ever-Pop-Up-Card-FS133-Fathers-Day-Pop-Up-Card-3D-Pop-Up-Card-Wholesale-Manufacturer-and-Supplier.jpg

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us grew up with many different memories of our dads. In addition, it is also an amazing time in the year to mark and celebrate the contribution of all fathers to their own families in particular and the whole society in general. Therefore, we’ve come up with this stunning greeting card design. Best Dad Ever Pop Up Card has a dark blue cover with a Best DAD Ever typography. Open the card and you will feel surprised that there is a colorful Best Dad Ever typography inside with beautiful stars and ribbons decorated around. Undoubtedly, it is not only an impressive unique 3D pop up card for upcoming Father’s Day but also a perfect present for your father’s birthday.

2. Happy Birthday Llama Pop Up Card

Llama is a famous symbol of strength, perseverance, confidence and often success. On the birthday of your friends, sometimes it takes you a great deal of time and effort to put into words what exactly the messages you want to convey to them. That’s why we created this beautiful birthday 3D pop up card as a wonderful gift for your friends on their birthday.

3. Lilies of the Valley Basket Pop Up Card

This is undoubtedly a perfect present for your mom, you friends or any flowers lover. For centuries, Lilies stand for love, admiration, confidence and positivity. Therefore, CharmPop has come up with this meaningful 3D pop up card design as a wonderful gift for your mother on Mother’s Day, friends or any members in your family. This greeting card brings about a twist to your usual sweet messages to your beloved ones when they need a little confidence boost or pick-me-up.

4. Congrats Graduation Pop Up Card

Congrats Graduation Pop Up Card has a yellow cover with a Congrats Grad details. The image reveals just enough of the surprise inside. When you open the card, you will feel be surprised that there is a colorful” Congrats Graduation – you did it!”  3D typography inside with beautiful stars, ribbons and graduation-vibe patterns decorated around.

5. Love Rose Arch Pop Up Card


Moreover, we do not forget to create Love Rose Arch Pop Up Card design to help you celebrate your upcoming Wedding Day, Anniversary or any romantic occasion. Love Rose Arch Pop Up Card has a sparkling pink cover that features an in-love couple pattern. Open the card, you will feel astonished by a stunning three-dimensional sculpture full of incredible details: an in-love couple kissing passionately under a gorgeous red rose arch with colorful butterflies hovering over it.

As a 3D Pop Up Card wholesale supplier, we hope that these stunning pop up card designs will bring happiness to your receivers on any special occasion. 

4 thoughts on “New release in May

  1. Lizza says:

    I used Love Rose Card as a gift on Valentine Day. My husband was absolutely delighted with the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of it. Thanks so much!

  2. Laura says:

    I purchased Love Rose Arch to congratulate my son on his engagement. It is lovely and will be kept in his memory box to enjoy. Nice work !!!

  3. Ron says:

    Great pop up cards as always. Thanks for your great work. The paper is high-quality, the design is stunning and the color is vibrant. I will highly recommend it to all my friends and family’s members

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