Our new 3D card idea collection for flower lovers is ready to hit the store!

3d card idea for flower lovers
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Falling in love with beautiful kinds of flowers? Our new 3D card idea collection is ready to have you covered!

1. Lily of the Valley Vase Pop-Up Card

If you are a flower lover, you must’ve known the Lily of the Valley –  a flower kind with a sweetly scented and bell-shaped appearance. This delicate and elegant flower comes in quite various colors: light pink, blue, purple,etc., But generally, the pure, innocent white color is the most popular, thanks to its vibration of youth and grace. 

In fact, the Lily of the Valley has been in the spotlight throughout history. For example, since ancient Greek and Roman times, people have believed that Apollo uses this flower as ground cover for walking space for his nymphs when passing Montparnasse. Nowadays, they use them for a variety of purposes. Lily of the Valley is used as a present or an ornamental pattern on special occasions as a sign of fertility, prosperity, and good luck.

Taking inspiration from this dazzling flower, our craftsman has carefully designed and laser-cut every flower and green leaf to perfection. This life-like Lily of the Valley 3D card promises to spring a surprise on the recipient. Upon opening the card, you can sense the summer vibe filling the air with intricate patterns in harmonious colors. There is one thing for certain: whether the recipient likes florals or not, this 3D pop-up card idea will make them hold their breath!

We always left the blanks for you to customize your own message to your loved one. So, don’t hesitate to show your true feelings to them. Your wholehearted words are always the key.

3d card idea for flower lovers

Lily of the Valley Vase Pop-Up Card

2. Mixed Peony Vase Pop Up Card

Missing the early summer atmosphere? Then, our Mixed Peony Vase Pop Up Card will be a perfect choice! Do you know that the Chinese word for “most beautiful” also translates to “peony”? The peony is a favorable flower all over the world. People love it not only for its exuberant beauty but also for its representation: happiness, romance, happy marriage, honor, and prosperity. These are the values we all appreciate, therefore, if you want to wish your loved one all the most beautiful things in life, then pick up this card. Weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries are all suitable for this 3D card idea.


On opening the card, you will be struck by the full-bloomed flowers blending right in with the shy buds. But I have to say, although it’s such a cliche, what makes the recipient move is your sincere thoughts written down on the card. 

3d card idea for flower lovers

Mixed Peony Vase Pop Up Card

3. Blue Hydrangea Vase Pop Up Card

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular ornamental garden plants. This can be explained by their generous round shape blooming in various beautiful shades: blue, purple, pink, etc., which will add a touch of magic to your place. 

In Japanese culture, they symbolize heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and apology. However, each flower color represents a slightly different meaning. Among them, the blue ones are symbolic of apology, gratitude, and understanding. With inspiration from this fact, our design team has come up with the 3D pop up card idea with a blue hydrangea vase mixed with white peony flowers. The beauty of the center flower vase is also accentuated by the dreamy purple watercolor background to impress the recipient. Therefore, if you are owing an apology to someone, this pop-up card with your words will be a good starting point.

3d card idea for flower lovers

Blue Hydrangea Vase Pop Up Card

4. Pink Hydrangea Vase Pop Up Card

When it comes to pink hydrangea, the meaning of the 3D pop up card idea is a bit different. In fact, among the hydrangea variants, the pink ones are the most romantic. They convey a sense of affection, grace, and femininity. Therefore, we put the pink hydrangea vase in the blend with pastel pink and purple to fully give off the scent of love and true feelings. 

Whether you are on your first date, in a long-term relationship, or even at your wedding, you can choose this 3D pop up card idea to express your heartfelt emotions. The card is not necessarily for a special occasion, but if one day you feel so appreciative of your partner’s existence in your life, this pop card is a way to express your feelings in a subtle way. 

3d card idea for flower lovers

Pink Hydrangea Vase Pop Up Card

Wrapping up

Our new 3D card idea collection will definitely be a go-to for those who love the natural beauty of flowers or who want to give cards to flower lovers. With a dream of spreading the charm of these cards in beautiful designs and patterns and bringing happiness to the recipients, CharmPop hopes to somehow help you be closer to your important ones with your sincere words. 


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