7 Easter symbols and their surprising meanings

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For many, Easter is one of the most precious events of the year to honor tradition and spend quality time with friends and family making some handmade easter cards. Whether you go to church on Easter Sunday or not, there are plenty of delightful customs to enjoy, from brightly colored Easter baskets decorated with eggs, chocolate bunnies, and small gifts for children to lavish brunches and delicious feasts. You can also make your home look stunning inside out with Easter decorations or celebrate the holiday with family-friendly Easter crafts. However, in the midst of all the fun, have you ever been curious about Easter facts like where that rabbit comes from or what those colored eggs actually symbolize? The followings are some symbols that you need to know to appreciate their roles in the special spring holiday.

As first, we all know that Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The time of Easter varies from year to year, typically falls on the first Sunday of the full moon occurring between March and April. This years, Easter Celebration can (be) taken place on April 17. When it comes to Easter, some icons associated with the day can be colorful eggs, bunny, baby chick, lily and the list goes on. 

1. Easter Egg

Egg Hunts are the best part of Easter. Among many ancient people’s myths around the creation of (the) heaven and the earth, it’s believed that our universe was born from an egg. Therefore, the egg itself became a symbol of the Resurrection. In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ shed on the cross, the eggshell symbolizes Christ’s Tomb so hatching from the eggshell can be seen as his resurrection.


2. Easter Bunny

According to some sources, Easter bunny was originated from the Eostre festival of ancient Anglo-Saxons. Eostre is the West Germanic Spring Goddess embracing the power of reproduction.  She loves playing with a bunny (known as a symbol of reproduction). Later, this festival became integrated into catholic society, which is followed by the bunny. The rabbit’s burrow represents Christ’s tomb, like a bunny, from which he rises to frolic and grant new life with the arrival of spring.

The hare, once again, represents the moon, which is key in Easter. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the March Equinox, depending on the lunar cycle.

Children used to create rabbit nests in hats or paper baskets and leave them out for rabbits to find during Easter. Nests packed with brightly colored eggs formed a beautiful sight that is still vibrant and contributes to the Easter atmosphere. Bunnies are inspirations for various handmade easter cards.


3. Baby chick

Chicks are an ancient symbol of Easter. Just like Jesus emerged from a tomb, Baby chicks are born by hatching from eggshells, which signified a new life and fertility. Nowadays, plush chicks are found anywhere in the spring precious holiday around the world as a gift owning to its cute designs. If you’re looking for gift inspiration, a stuffed baby chick will make Easter a memorable day to your loved one. In addition, we suggest that a 3D handmade easter cards featuring a stunning baby chicken popping up when opening is a surprise for gifting.


4. Lily

Legend has it that when the blessed virgin Mary was taken to (the) heaven, there was a lily brand laid in her empty tomb. Its whiteness symbolizes her immaculateness and virginity. Beyond its bible, lily has traditional and spiritual meaning. The Easten lily is usually gifted to mother as it is associated with motherhood. If you find it hard to gift your mom a simple but precious present, try our 3D pop-up card to confess your deep feelings to her. Sometimes, a thoughtful and personalized thing is much better than a fancy one.


5. Tulip

Flowers are the way to express your feelings to someone as they have a strong meaning attached to them. According to Proflowers, white tulip has a meaning of forgiveness, a common theme for Easter. Tulip’s meaning changed depending on its different color. While (the) red tulip represents deep love, pink tulip is linked with positivity, self-confidence and purple one signifies the royalty. On upcoming Easter, a bouquet of mixed tulips is ideal enough to give someone you want to show your gratitude.  You can try our floral pop-up card collection in the end of this post.

6. The butterfly

Butterfly symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus. Three days after being placed to rest in the tomb, Jesus arose from it, much like butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. They also reflect the transformation which the Christian faith may bring to, through the grace of God. The butterflies, therefore, became a sign of the renewal, accompanied with patience and endurance. Again, visit our website to find more handmade easter cards.


7. Easter Basket

Easter baskets also have a religious connotation. Traditionally, kids will leave the basket outside overnight then the bunny will come and fill the basket with candies, eggs, and goodies. These days, giving Easter Basket as a gift is considered as a custom. A personalized basket will give each one an extra-personal touch, even if you’re giving it to your children, your friends, relatives, or neighbors. Don’t forget to put a meaningful card to double their happiness. Should you be overwhelmed with the idea of finding a perfect card for your beloved ones, check out…


Before the pandemic changed everyone’s way of life, a big part of holiday involved giving, receiving gifts and social gathering. While nothing compares to the joy of spending time with friends and family during holiday season, Covid-19 still matters. Instead of hanging out with your friends and handing them a surprising box, sometimes, a “thank you” card can make all the difference for friends struggling with being isolated or alone. And, we’re here to make it happen. With Easter Day in sight, browse yourself some incredible handmade easter cards on our website.

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