Best-selling Father’s Day pop-up card

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  Father’s Day is the day when you can express your gratitude toward your father. Father is the pillar of the family. He is the strongest person who will take care of family whenever there is any problem. Most fathers seem to be a serious kind of person in the whole family so usually you cannot even try to say “I love you Dad” in person. So this is an opportunity for you. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so let Dad know those things that so often go unsaid with a thoughtful, unique message he will treasure forever. And this is the time greeting cards come to place. It’s much better to go with something personalized, maybe relating to his job that he’s been making all his effort to support your life. For more custom Father’s Day pop up card, let’s dive in.


1. Best DAD Ever Pop Up Card

“Best DAD ever” written on the cover is a little way to express all love, pride and gratitude to all Dads. Upon opening, a 3D sculpture of the word BEST DAD EVER will appear, embellished with colorful confetti ribbons. We leave every card enough blank space so that you can wish him all the best. Father’s Day pop up card


2. Golf Set Pop Up Card

For Dads who enjoy a day on the green, Golf set pop up card is an excellent choice of gift as it can be personalized with a unique message. When you open the card, a fresh golfing teeing ground with a full set of Golfer will pop up in the middle. You will also find a red flagstick signaling the hole placement toward the front section of the green. We hope that the simple card will perfectly surprise your dad. Father’s Day pop up card


3. Coffee Time Pop up Card

If your dad is fond of coffee smell or just a so-called coffee addict at work, he will be delighted to receive this card. When you open the card, a carefully laser cut  take-away coffee cup will appear in the center. At the edges of the card, there are some coffee bean,which makes it look lively. The only thing missing is a wonderful smell. Let’s head to a random coffee shop together with your dad, order two fresh iced coffee, sit back and start a small talk. Make Father’s Day a memorable day to him.


4. Camping trip Pop Up Card

The camping trip pop up card is inspired by those dads who have adventurous spirit. If your dad enjoys staying active especially love camping or hiking then you can’t skip this Camping trip pop up card. Once you open the card, a lively camping scene will hump to life. It is completed with a cute van, burning firewood and portable chair and table on the fresh green background. How awesome it is to enjoy such a good moment like that in real life. Spending quality time with family is always worth it. Should you not plan anything to celebrate Father’s Day, think about a camping trip with him.


5. Typewriter Pop Up Card ( Black)

We’re all pretty much using computers to write these days, but there is a certain nostalgia about typewriters, especially the vintage one. If your Dad loves writing or is just simply obsessed with old school goods, then you should give him this card. He will get surprised by its old but gold design upon opening. Sometimes a simple but thoughtful gift is much better than a fancy one. Remember to write to him. You don’t need to be a poem or a writer to write down a perfect Father’ day message. All you need is to put down all your emotion and appreciation you fell for him.


6. Dog house pop up card

You will never go wrong to give your father a dog pop up card for any occasion especially when your father is a Dog Dad. A 3D sculpture corgi inside the card is ready to warm your Dad’s heart with happiness, peace and wholesome moment. You can customize your own message inside the card to let your Dad know how much you love him.

Father’s Day is approaching, which means it’s time to find the right words to express how much Dad mean to you. You can write a loving message to show your appreciation and say thanks for all he’s done  Sure, he may not be a man of words, but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor your father with some heartfelt words. Your father has been there for you since the beginning, from the day you were born to the day you graduated from university school, he has been there for you and will always be there for you. Thank your father for everything with the best Father’s Day gift that he will love to use every day or cheer him up forever. He will appreciate the time and effort you out into making a gift for him, and he’ll know you love him from the bottom og heart. For more Father’s Day pop up card, browse our website for more.

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