4 meaningful Thanksgiving pop up cards for family and friends

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Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada. It’s a time when people spend their quality time with friends and family to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year together after seeing them virtually. Therefore, once you are going to attend a Thanksgiving dinner, you definitely don’t want to show up empty-handed while your friend or family has been preparing delicious home-cooked meals. An intentional, unique and thoughtful gift will undoubtedly bring all the holiday feels and trigger excitement such as some stunning Thanksgiving Pop Up Cards from CharmPop. It is a great way to not only celebrate the occasion but also remind them how much you are thankful for them.

1.Turkey Thanksgiving Pop Up Card

The traditional fare of the Thanksgiving meal typically includes bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and, above all, turkey. You will never be able to celebrate Thanksgiving without having turkey on dinner tables. This giant bird always ends up as the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast across the country. Taking this as inspiration, Turkey Thanksgiving Pop Up Card was exclusively designed by CharmPop Card to celebrate the Thanksgiving occasion with your friends and families. Upon opening the card you will find a meticulously three-dimensional turkey being surrounded by a lot of pumpkins while holding a cup of wine.


2.Pumpkin Flower Pop Up Card

While pumpkin pie is always one of the typical dishes on the Thanksgiving dinner table, a basket of pumpkin flowers are also considered as a wonderful Thanksgiving gift to show the hosts your appreciation and thankfulness whenever you come to their house for dinner. Open the card and we will smell the fragrance of a tasteful orange pumpkin with a combo of colorful blooming flowers. Aside from that, this is also a meaningful present for any autumn-fanatics and Halloween lovers.

3.Maple Tree Pop Up Card

Maple is a symbol of strength and endurance. Some species of maple are planted as ornamental trees and most species are used in the art of bonsai. In Japan, it’s a custom to see the changing color of maple’s leaves with friends or family to celebrate the changing season and spend some quality time together. It is definitely considered as one of the most thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts for your beloved ones.

4.Green Butterflies Pop Up Card

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, endurance, change, hope, life and bring joy to those who have recently suffered a loss. Therefore, beautiful butterflies are a wonderful idea to celebrate Thanksgiving occasions and bless any receivers. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of the beautiful blue and green butterflies flying together. It could be either great Thanksgiving pop up cards for your mom, your wife, your sisters or an adorable gift for any butterfly lovers.

54 thoughts on “4 meaningful Thanksgiving pop up cards for family and friends

  1. Daphale says:

    I wish I knew about CharmPop sooner cause my mother really likes pop up cards. I bought a butterfly pop up card for her and she was happy.

  2. AnnieB says:

    I’m looking for a gift for my grandparent, my younger sister recommended this pop up card for me. And I bought and sent it to them. I hope they will surprise and love this gift.

  3. Brian says:

    My dad loves maple tree so this pop up card will be a special gift for him. I will buy a pumpkin flower pop up card for my mom.

  4. Sarah says:

    First time buying a pop up card and now I know why people love pop up cards so much. Now I think I love pop up cards too

  5. Tom Hid says:

    My girlfriend has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. She was very happy when she received this pop up card from me.

  6. George Dunn says:

    When my younger sister received butterflies pop up card, she loved it and showed it to her friends. Thank you for your hard work

  7. Srebecca says:

    My mom looked at butterflies in the card for a long time, and I think she loved it. I will buy turkey pop up card for my mom because she loves animals

  8. WitchyWomyn says:

    I bought this pop up card for my wife on our 2-year wedding anniversary, she was so happy and I will buy more pop up cards on halloween for her

  9. Lucas says:

    When I opened this pop up card, I was impressed because of 3D flowers. It was so bright and lively so my kids loved it too.

  10. Cat says:

    I don’t know why my son loves turkey so much so I bought this pop up card for him. When he opened the card, he was very happy.

  11. Paulla says:

    First purchase of a pop up card, this product surprised me. I will buy more pop up cards on Halloween for my children.

  12. LoveLisa says:

    I bought it for my grandparents because I can’t spend time with them. Wow, they love it and take a photo with this pop up card then send it to me

  13. Emily says:

    A turkey being surrounded by a lot of pumpkins while holding a cup of wine and i think it is so cute. Excellently designed and produced greeting

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