Delicious Halloween cookies pops for kids

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If you plan to take part in a trick-or-treat game this upcoming Halloween, it is a perfect idea to prepare something special for the kids who will come to your house on Halloween night. Aside from cute Halloween pop up cards, giving them yummy Halloween Oreo Cookie Pops will absolutely surprise them and trigger their excitement. They can feature spiderwebs, ghosts, vampires, mummy, eyes or colorful sprinkles.


Mummy cookies pops


Eyes cookies pops


Vampire cookies pops

In this article, CharmPop will show you how to create delicious eyes cookies pops for your children, grandchildren or maybe just random kids who love trick-or-treat games.


– Sandwich cookies

– White chocolate melting chips

– Food coloring

– Pastel sprinkles

– Candy eyeballs in a variety of sizes

– Treat sticks

– Small squeeze bottles

– Tweezers

Are you ready? Let’s start making the most unique Halloween cookies pops


Step One: Poke a treat sticks into the sandwich cookie filling.

The first step to any good Oreo pop is to secure the lollipop stick with a dab of melted candy coating. You can also separate the sandwich cookies carefully, put them out on a baking sheet, then quickly dip each stick and gently pressed it between the cookie halves. It’s important to note that the sticks are completely set and the cookie pops are nice and sturdy before you coat them with candy coating.

Step Two: Dip the cookies

Dip the cookie pops in pastel-colored chocolate and cover completely. Another thing you must notice is that sometimes the cookies and sticks might fall apart during the process. Therefore, our advice is that you should simply use the stick to hold each cookie over the bowl and use a spoon to drizzle and coat the cookie pop on all sides and down the center.

Step Three: Pop two tiny eyes

Before the cookie hardens completely, you should pip two tiny eyes on it.  If it doesn’t stick, use a little extra melted chocolate.


Step Four: Add sprinkles for hair

You can add sprinkles for hair or get creative with placement. Once you get tired of making eye cookie pops, you can decorate the rest of your cookie pops with cute Halloween sprinkles. A splash of color will surely make things more fun. You can also use the cookies to feature scary mummies or vampires. Your kids or grandkids will absolutely love it.

And please remember to give the kids our cute Halloween pop up cards. They will absolutely keep it to decorate their house on Halloween. 



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29 thoughts on “Delicious Halloween cookies pops for kids

  1. Kate Kim says:

    Hello, is it possible for me to use these recipes on a kids halloween post that I am wanting to make? Thank you so much Charm Pop ^^

  2. Yellow Duck says:

    These cookies are absolutely amazing! I’m going to attempt to make and film some yummy Halloween treats with my 4-year-old daughter

  3. Little Witch says:

    Those cookies look so delicious. I hope my little princess will love it. I will make more cookies for her to bring to school.

  4. Vera L says:

    Green is great! How about pink cookie pops ? I will try it with strawberry syrup and white chocolate for my younger sister.

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