Old tree pop up birthday cards for your grandparents

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The branches stretch up in the sky, casting a wide shadow, and the leaves rustle softly in the breeze; together with their longevity, strength, and endurance, old trees give all of us a sense of good vibes, love, and admiration. Like these centuries-old trees, our grandparents are people we all love, respect, and take precious advice from. If you are being lost on the way to finding the most satisfactory present for your respected grandparents, then our collection of old tree pop up birthday cards is just a perfect destination for searching. 

1. White Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

The cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan, which symbolizes a time of renewal and optimism. Looking at the sky, the pop of pink and white colors in every corner marks the ending of winter and welcoming spring to the world. Therefore, an old tree with white blossoms in full bloom is the representation of the vibrance of a new beginning.

But what’s more interesting is the brief lifespan of cherry blossoms. It reminds us that similar to these beautiful and delicate flowers, a human’s life is also a transient experience, but it’s a glowing one.

We take inspiration from the deep meaning and the beauty of white cherry blossoms to create a birthday pop-up card with a sculpture of a white cherry blossom tree inside. This small card can delicately deliver your birthday wishes for your grandparents’ well-being and true enjoyment of their last life stage deep down. 

The cherry blossom tree is crafted with a big trunk and branches filled with leaves and flowers. The pattern is perfected in every detail, making it lively and vibrant on a meadow ground. Now it’s your time to make your personal words, turning the card into a lasting keepsake. 

pop-up birthday cards pop up cards ideas birthday pop up cards happy birthday pop up cards 3d pop up card birthday

White Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

2. Maple Tree Pop Up Card

The maple tree symbolizes balance, practical magic, longevity, and intelligence. This meaning might come from its ability to adapt to many different soil types and climates. Our grandparents and the maple tree share this trait of maturity, stability, calmness, and beauty of time. 

We know how much the maple trees mean to each of us. They remind us of the moments we spent together, roaming a park, watching birds, and sharing our stories and thoughts under the maple foliage. Hence, the maple tree is also the representation of memories between you and your grandparents.

The leaves are the most gorgeous parts of a maple tree. For that reason, our craftsman has put a lot of effort into perfecting every single leaf margin to give you a taste of a masterpiece once you open it.

The strength and endurance of the maple tree are our hope for our grandparents’ good health, as well as our admiration for their years of life experience. Together with your true thoughts and feelings, maple tree pop up birthday cards would be a perfect choice if you want to give presents to the elderly you love.

Maple Tree Pop Up Card

3. Jacaranda tree pop up card

I bet no one can resist the dreamy beauty of Jacaranda trees! Featuring unique shades of color and blue, looking at Jacaranda transfers us to a spacious scene of calm and peace. 

In fact, the tree is able to thrive in harsh conditions and produce thousands of flowers This might be the explanation for the meaning behind this species throughout history: good fortune, hope, resilience, and strength. Sending your grandparents the pop up card with this pattern on their birthdays, we can confidently say that they understand what sincere thoughts you want them to know. 

The meticulous Jacaranda tree is standing on a big buddle beside a stream to make a tranquil and restful atmosphere. We always leave the card blank so that you can personalize your own words.

pop-up birthday cards pop up cards ideas birthday pop up cards happy birthday pop up cards 3d pop up card birthday

Jacaranda tree pop up card

When it comes to choosing a present, the time and effort we spend are what makes it invaluable. We are glad to provide these great pop up birthday cards to make your search worth it. On your grandparents’ birthday this year, don’t miss the chance to talk love to them!

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