How to write a flower card message?

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Are you concerned and having trouble understanding how to compose a flower card message? Wishes like “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Easter” are common and dull, and if you write too much, the card will end up seeming like a lengthy, tacky handwritten letter. Don’t worry; with only a few pointers, you’ll be able to make a meaningful card for your loved ones and friends.

How Long Should the Flower Card Message Be?

If you look closely, you will notice that we typically divide our writing into three sections: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Using only three sentences, we also use this approach for the message on the flower card.

  • The sentence 1: A standard greeting
  • The sentence 2: Your heartfelt wishes for the receiver  
  • The sentence 3: Express your love


Tips & Advice for Making a Flower Card Message:

One of the best bits of advice for writing a note on floral cards is to be yourself and sound like yourself. If you don’t normally talk in flowery words and are uncomfortable writing something fancy, then don’t. Write something simple, honest, and from the heart, and it will sound sincere.

If you’re sending a flower card to a close friend or relative, you can be more relaxed with your message. Plus, including personal details will give your note an extra-special touch. If you’re sending a flower card to a friend or coworker, stick to more formal or general sentiments that are specific to the occasion.

Don’t forget to include your signature or a special sign so the receiver knows who sent it. With the help of Charmpop, let’s make a lovely and heartfelt flower card message. Follow our Instagram to get more pretty card.

  1. Bunch of Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card:

A lovely bouquet of pure white Peony flowers that sends a message of solemnity. Therefore, the white peony can be seen as a symbol of a particular class, as well as the sincerity and happiness that everyone wishes to have.

Bunch of Peony Blossoms Pop-up cards Bunch of Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card is meticulously designed, harmoniously combining the white of flowers and green of leaves, creating a feeling of freshness and lightness. A light vanilla glitter card, in the middle is a bunch of white peonies and 2 small cards “Happy”, “Birthday”. When the card is opened, a lovely bouquet of peony flowers will appear in front of the eyes, bringing love, luck and prosperity to the recipient. We also leave spaces on the card so you can add a message. Inspiration of Bunch of Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card Bunch of Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card was created as a tribute to the shyness symbolized by pure white peony blooms.Timeless, subtly elegant, and undoubtedly sophisticated, the white peony evokes a reserved sort of appeal. That's why we designed a whole bunch of white peonies in full bloom on the pop up card. Surprisingly, the white peony is also associated with sentiments of guilt and shyness. Giving a white peony card is one method to express regret for any wrongdoing you may have caused and to seek forgiveness while also showing that you genuinely recognize your mistake. This is a heartfelt apology that is well-considered, truly meaningful, and sincere. Occasions for Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card Charmpop suggests some occasions for you to give Peony Blossoms Pop Up Card: Peonies represent romance, happiness and good luck, so they can be used for many anniversaries such as weddings, friendship, important first dates, the birth of a baby ,... Quantity: One CharmPop Card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag. Size: 5×7 ( inch) Colors: custom color Wholesales Price: contact


  1. Pop-up cards with a peony flower basket:

Peonies blossom in a variety of colors, each with its own distinct appearance and sentimental wishes attached. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

The Peony pop-up card collection is available to order now, contact us now to order in bulk.



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