2017 Wedding Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Signs

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2017 Wedding Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Signs  will tell you what Kind of Wedding You’re Going to Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign? Just like your birthday, your zodiac sign can say a lot about your wedding day.
It’s all a matter of fate (in more ways than one).

1. Aries

Aries is all about excitement, and you’ll want a big day that reflects that. Whether you opt for over-the-top embellishments (hot air balloon, anyone?) or just a cool AF venue (wedding at an art museum? Sure), you’ll gravitate towards modern, creative touches and experiences for your guests that make everything feel a bit different. Not surprisingly, you’ll also gravitate towards warm colors—you are a fire sign, after all.


2. Taurus

The traditional Bull is one for classy, elegant affairs—and your wedding is no different. Good food and wine are high on the priority list, and you’ll feel at home and ready to say “I do,” in a ballroom or classy hotel. While you love the outdoors, you might be a bit too practical to be beholden to unpredictable weather, so you’ll bring outdoorsy details (such as natural woods and lighting) into the indoors, and you love the idea of mixing elements (textures, patterns, colors) to create atmosphere.



3. Gemini

Geminis are all about celebrating—and your wedding will be the *ultimate* celebration. You like big, social weddings that aren’t too stuffy, which means your focus will be on an amazing band or DJ, dance floor, and obviously springing for a photo booth. You love playful colors and details, and will opt for anything that makes your big day feel bright and lively.


4. Cancer

Cancer is a sentimental sign with a refined palette, meaning your wedding will often be an intimate affair with close family and friends, possibly in your parent’s backyard or the church you attended growing up. You’ll want plenty of nostalgic and cozy pieces that evoke a classic and romantic sense of style. You also love pale blues, pinks, and white flowers—a timeless palette for a timeless wedding.


5. Leo

Leos are often seen as the “star” of the zodiac, but don’t mistake that attitude for wanting a glitzy (read: cheesy) wedding. While Leos want all eyes on them, you also gravitate towards Old Hollywood glamor, so you’ll want dramatic touches in bold, deep colors and amazing finishes. Luxe is the key word, and every aspect of the wedding will warrant that—from the venue at a historic hotel or old theater to an extensive guest list to a perfectly curated menu.


6. Virgo

A perfectionist through and through, your ideal wedding has every detail planned to a T. But don’t expect Virgos to want such an over-the-top affair. While wanting the best of the best, you also appreciate a modest, beautiful event with a lot of personal touches and understated elegance. Adorable B&Bs with plenty of good photo ops are perfect for the Virgo bride.


7. Libra

For Libras, it’s all about the fairytale romance when it comes to a wedding. Big centerpieces and pastel colors are often hallmarks of Libra weddings, and there will be no shortage of fresh flowers and twinkly/candle lights. The venue will be somewhere light and romantic—like a reclaimed barn or a romantic seaside escape.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio’s nuptials will be anything but average (i.e. no wedding hashtags for this lady), and will have a flair for the dramatic—think seductive details, rich colors, and even a sunset view. You’ll gravitate towards anything that makes a statement without being *too* cliché. From your wine list to your guest list, everything will be made to make a powerful statement about your married life to come.

9. Sagittarius

The adventurous Sagittarius loves an outdoor wedding, full of rich color and bohemian details. If you can’t have a destination wedding (you’re the traveler of the zodiac, after all), you’ll opt to bring in your favorite destinations and inspirations into your wedding décor. You love to have friends and family meet, so you prefer cozy/non-fussy details like a buffet, a fully stocked bar, and a DJ where people can request their favorite tunes. And it’s all about comfort for this bride—you love shoes and a dress you can actually move/dance in. For palette, you love bright, sassy colors and cool prints that will make your tablescape stand out.


10. Capricorn

Capricorns love a traditional wedding feel with a timeless, elegant vibe. Vintage family pieces will mix in with sleek, sophisticated touches that pull everything together. Your ideal venue is an old, classy hotel or winery—and you love a muted color palette to keep everything streamlined and gorgeous.


11. Aquarius

Aquarius is a free spirit, and as such you’ll shy away from traditional choices—even if you do have a traditional wedding or venue. Whether rocking a jumpsuit, wearing a color other than white, donning a jeweled headdress, or letting everyone in your bridal party pick their own dress (if you even have a bridal party at all), an Aquarius bride wants a wedding that feels unique to them. Hell, you may even ditch the ceremony altogether in lieu of a reception-only event. Whatever you do—from cool, special venues to unexpected food to exotic flowers and vintage touches—your special day will feel completely yours. (And obviously, you’ll be writing your own vows.)



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