Wedding Invitation DIY

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The idea of planning a wedding can be very intense. However, with some foresight and careful research, you can make the process much easier. Preparing for the wedding day has never been easy. It just takes a bit of organization to keep everything on track when you’re faced with endless decisions, lists, deadlines and, you know, your own life to deal with. The trick is taking things one step at a time and recruiting friends and family (including that future spouse of yours!) to help. And give yourself plenty of time to plan. In case you have much time to spare and trying to come up with a Wedding Invitation DIY project, we got the right one for you here.

COST: $100-$150 (depending on the amount of invitations)



  • 140 Pound watercolor paper.
  • 5×7 brown craft paper envelopes
  • Watercolor paint
  • Water
  • Waxed thread
  • Dried eucalyptus


  • Small wet paintbrush
  • Large dry paintbrush
  • Photoshop or program of your choice
  • Square edge ruler
  • Scissors
  • White gel pen

This amount of supplies will be enough for making about eighty invitations for the wedding. You can fit two invitation in one page, meaning you only need forty pages of watercolor paper. For the envelopes, Let’s get 5×7 craft paper envelopes.

To dye the pages, use watercolor paint of your favorite color. Start painting by putting a little bit of paint around the edges of the page. Then paint down the center of the page because you will be tearing it in half to create two invitations. After that, grab a large dry brush and used it to blend the color on the edges together to give the whole page a wash of color. Finally, set them out to dry.

To print, you can call independent printing houses in your area to find one that will allow you to use your own paper. You could print using your own printer at home, but the quality at printing houses can be a little better (plus it’s much faster at a printing house)!

 To create a soft edge, rip the pages using a straight edge ruler. Make sure you are ripping the pages to the correct size of your envelopes. Hold the ruler tightly to the paper and rip slowly!

To add detail to the invitations, you can wrap the waxed thread around a couple of times and tying it into a knot. You can also use small bits of dried eucalyptus to add some more decoration. Place the eucalyptus underneath the waxed thread.

Finally, Write the recipient’s address and names on the front of the envelope using a white gel pen and placed the invitation inside!

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    Excellent product! The amount of work that goes into these cards is really something to behold! Many thanks to the team that assembled these cards. Truly a work of excellence!

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