Pop up cards New release – [June collection]

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With flowers in bloom and your special day around the corner, the time is perfect to get a magical pop up card to celebrate your day. Whether it’s a birthday of your dearest or you just want to surprise your special someone, a creative pop up card is a great way to express a simple message in a beautiful way.

We’ve got New-in pop up cards to inspire you here – including some suggestions to help you find just the right greeting card to remind your loved ones why you’re their favorite.

For this month, we release 8 new 3D pop up designs of different themes.

Land Rover pop up card

Land Rover Defender is a large high rider, a car in which you meet other cars that are also impractically large on urban streets. It’s a British four-wheel-drive off-road SUV appropriate to the price bracket: smooth, willing, effortless.
We replicate a red Land Rover on a family picnic trip in this pop up card design. The fun color combo will wow any recipients on opening this 3D card.

Golf Cart pop up card

Spending a fine sunday gathering the troops and taking on a spectacular golf course is an idea weekend plan. This high class sport has inspired us to create this cute paper art.

The pop up card has a classic white cover that illustrates a gorgeous golf cart. On the inside, you will find a striking red club car standing on green grass. Wrap together some loving words and the card will sure make the recipient happy.

Flamingo pop up card

Flamingos symbolize beauty, balance, and grace.
No women can resist the charm of this feminine and innocent bird. Feel the tropical vibes with our wonderful pink flamingo pop up card.

This kirigami card with its pink cover that features beautiful tropical flamingo will make a perfect choice for women on any occasions.

Turtle pop up card – 3 versions

Weekdays or holidays, good days or hard days, CharmPop’s pop up cards are the perfect way to convey your wishes on any occasion. Pick a design and brighten someone’s day with a simple kirigami card. These cute turtle is a great excuse in case you forgot someone’s special day. Our turtle pop up card is a great way to say both i’m late and i’m sorry in the most adorable way.

These turtle pop up card designs feature green turtle carrying cupcakes, turtle child and gift box. Wrap together some loving words and the card will sure make the recipient thrilled.

Unicorn pop up card

Unicorns have always seemed like mysterious creatures, and in the imagination of the young, have always held some promise of adventure. These adorable Unicorn pop up cards make colorful, handmade pop up card for your rainbow and unicorn loving friends. Kids and adults will love writing a special love message. It’s like sending one big hug from a unicorn!

This 3D pop up card with its sky blue cover that features a magical unicorn will make a perfect choice for any occasions.

Rainbow bridge kirigami card

A pop up card with cute animals is always a classic but most favorite birthday card for anyone. Inspired from Rainbow Bridge, the card is also suitable for any animal lovers. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends on heaven so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and the sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

Our pop up card has a white cover that illustrates fun animals, rainbow, and chilling green forest. Wrap together some loving words and the card will surely make your kids thrilled on opening it.

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