DIY napkin flowers [ Tutorial ]

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A romantic dinner can never be perfect without flowers. Add to your table some cute DIY napkin flowers. Let them wrap around your glasses as pretty votive decorations. Let’s be creative this time and addPerfect for that outdoor dinner you’ve been planning! Adjust the size of the wire circle and they easily become napkin rings as well. Stay tune with CharmPop’s DIY tutorials to discover best handmade ideas for your wonderful life!



Materials needed: 

Flower cupcake baking cups, scissors, hot glue gun, green crepe paper, floral tape, floral wire, glass votives.

Step 1: Cut enough wire to wrap around the glass votive holder. Join the ends together and twist closed.
Step 2: Cut several 1” – 2” leaves out of crèpe paper, leaving enough stem to be able to attach to the wire.
Step 3: Wrap the wire with floral tape, adding a few leaves every inch or so.
Step 4: Fold a flower cupcake liner in half, then in half again. Pinch the folded end together.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 until you have 4 or 5 flowers on the ring. Place the ring over the votive, and gently adjust the flowers and leaves if needed.



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