Magical unicorn papercraft tutorial

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Promote your kids’ creativity with our latest unicorn themed papercraft idea. Colorful yarn and glittery details will sure make this magical unicorn standout.


  • Free Template
  • White Cardstock
  • Color Printer
  • Your Favorite Colored Yarn {mine is a tye-dye blend from Michaels
  • Scissors
  • Tracky Glue
  • Wiggle Eye
  • Glitter for extra sparkle
  • Crayons


  • First download and print the free template printable on white cardstock.
  • Next grab your yarn and scissors. Have children cut MULTIPLE small strands of yarn. I don’t have an extra number of how many but you will need as much as you like
  • Now grab your tacky glue {or other choice of adhesive} and put a good amount down in the hair section of the printable. Start laying your yarn on top of it, until the section is completely covered.
  • Once done, add some more glue and sprinkle some glitter in the empty spots. Adhere your wiggle eye in place.
  • Then grab your crayons and color in anything you like on the printable.
  • When done, set aside to let it dry completely. Then display proudly!


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