The Joy of Giving a Handmade Pop-up Card By Hand

The Joy of Giving a Handmade Pop-up Card By Hand
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Gift giving is an important part of life and a handcrafted greeting card is a gift. 

Every handmade card is a work of art.  When you send one of these cards, you are sending an emotional piece of yourself.  What better way to tell someone you care. Receiving a handcrafted greeting card is like receiving a present.

When you look at the detail in the cards, you can see the love they were made with are more personal and extra special when you handwrite something in the card. That is why our designers leave them blank inside. Because these cards are more personal, we tend to hang on to them longer.

And we know that a greeting card expresses all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives. Sending personalized pop-up cards allows us a vast variety of sentiments that allow us to express our caring to family, friends, customers, clients and employees. And it is time you make it or you take time to find just the right one. And during this time your thoughts are on the recipient.

So the next time you are debating shooting off a quick e-mail or sending an actual greeting card writing by hand, you may want to ask yourself which one conveys the kind of message you wish to send.

There are benefits to giving hand crafted writing pop-up cards.  You are making someone happy- which makes you happy and it is fun.  These feelings are beneficial to our well being.  These good benefits will keep our handmade greeting card makers around.  I am glad we have these creative and talented colleagues, who with love and care, create cards for us to share with friends, family, and business partners.  Writing in handmade pop-up cards bring a lot of joy to the maker, the giver, and the receiver.

And today is the birthday of one my special friend. I am going to write sweet words in the card and send to him…He will be happy for sure.

In next entry, We will share to you the proven ways your family benefits from writing holiday greeting cards by hand…We hope this helps for you realize how it is valuable ?