Easter Traditions from Around the World

For many of us Easter means being close to our most loved ones, resting or travelling to a new place and eating lots of chocolate bunnies, eggs and whatnot.

But while this might be the norm for countries like the western countries other cultures have their own unique way to celebrate Easter.

Whether it’s joining Easter trick or treat in Sweden, following Jesus’ footsteps in Israel, or drenching each other with buckets of water in Poland, here are some of the ways Easter is celebrated around the world.

1. Painted eggs championships in Romania

In Romania people normally spend Easter with the family. If you ever get invited to a Romanian Easter lunch, it will remind you of the North American Thanksgiving dinner.

The traditional Easter meal has 4-5 courses and includes a sour soup called “ciorba”, salad, pickles, roasted lamb stake, a meat pie made of lamb liver and lots of fresh parsley called “drob” and lots of painted eggs.

By far the most entertaining Easter tradition in Romania is the “egg battle”, an egg championship in which all friends and family participate. Each round of the game consists of knocking two hard-boiled eggs – the egg with the toughest shell wins and the loser has to eat all the boiled eggs the winner breaks.

On Easter Morning everyone in the family traditionally washes their face with the water in which a red-painted egg and a silver coin were sunk. The red egg symbolizes health and the silver purity.

2. Easter Trick or Treat in Sweden

In Sweden, children dress up as påskkärringar (Easter hags), they paint their faces, carry a broom and go knock on neighbors doors for treats, much like North American children do for Halloween.

For Easter, the Swedish decorate their houses with willow or birch twigs and eat a smörgåsbord, a buffet-style meal that includes various dished, such as herring, salmon, potatoes, eggs, meatballs, sausages etc.

3. Giant omelettes in Haux, France

Some people like to celebrate Easter with a ginormous omelette. In the town square of Haux, over 5000 eggs are used to make a huge omelette on Easter Monday and more than 1000 people are invited to join and for lunch. This peculiar tradition has been going on for over 30 years.

If you want to prepare a giant omelette in your own town, here is the recipe: 5000 eggs, 50 kg of onions and garlic and 4 kg of salt & pepper!



4. The masked men of Spain

In many cities of Spain and especially in Andalusia, brotherhoods hold processions and dramatic performances carrying the Cross of Christ.

The participants wear penitential robes, as well as pointed tip hoods and masks which conceal their faces. Known as “nazarenos”, the participants walk the city barefoot and sometimes wear chains on their feet as penance.

5. Wet Monday in Poland

If you’re in Poland on Easter Monday…Beware! There’s a reason this day is known as ‘Wet Monday’ as well. On this day, locals douse passersby with buckets of water, and while traditionally it was boys spraying girls, today no one is safe. The exact origins of Poland’s national water fight day (also known as Śmigus-Dyngus) aren’t clear, it’s believed that they form part of an old pagan celebration of spring and fertility.

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