Housewarming Greeting Card MessagesRate this post Moving to a new shelter is an unforgettable exciting moment, especially with the witness and help of friends. So for that work friend who just has a new flat, or that friend who just moved to a new city, or even your favorite boss who just bought a bigger […]

Think…Make…Share…Rate this post At CharmPop, we believe human connections are the most important thing in life and we know that thoughtful, personal, and unexpected gifts always make us happy. Wherever we go, we listen and bring exquisite real-life detail things around you into the cards. The handcrafted cards, domestically designed and laser cutting, that celebrates […]

Humans OF CharmPop | Pop-up cardsRate this post Nguyen Thao – a story of one person connects perfect dreams. Telling about dreams, most people often think of something very sublime or very luxury. However, the dream of CharmPop ( Pop-up card Vietnam) tells you a story which is extremely authentic, casual but not tiny – come […]

Hello Summer !Rate this post It’s June! Bring on the sunshine. What are you looking forward to this month? Sunshine and a great month or camping, fishing, mountains or plenty of sunshine for your veggie garden is your summer? For me, it is summer vacation of my brother, it is the month of Father’s day, […]

Unique Ideas For Father’s DayRate this post Father’s day is coming here. There’s no way you could ever repay him for all he’s done. Show Dad, Grandpa he’s the man with a perfect pop-up greeting card and gifts. Whether he’s a superhero, a Mr. Maintenance, a little google, or just the funniest guy you know, we have the perfect way […]

To celebrate for your best friend’s birthday!Rate this post We get really excited collecting ideas to create this special list. These are super cool things that will sure satisfy your best buddy on best friend’s birthday. So stay tuned and enjoy reading these ideas. Gifts from Old Memories There might be many things you both […]

What to write in a Graduation Card?Rate this post Big milestones are always a reason to celebrate, and few are quite as big as graduation: kindergarten, middle school, high school, college or graduate school graduation. And one graduation season is coming again. It must be a very proud moment for students. Chasing a dream requires […]

How Should You Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad Or Grandfather?3 1 vote 5 For many of us, “father” is synonymous with love, guidance, mentor, and support. That love does not dissipate after our fathers die – in fact, our admiration often grows as we ourselves age. So on Father’s Day, how should you Celebrate Father’s […]