Best tips for 2016 Black Friday

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Black Friday is a shopper’s high holiday. For this season of shopaholics, we release our latest greeting card: “Shopping Day”. The Shopping girl pop-up card has a navy cover with a Shopping girl pattern. The pop-up is a high fashion girl walking her small dog on the street and carrying shopping bags. The laser cut technique makes the card look simple but sleek and elegant. Inspired by the Confess of a shopaholic novel, this 3D card is simply the it-card for any woman who just love fashion and shopping.

As the holiday season soon arrives, so too does the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. there are ways to make this haul shopping season a little less painful. Black Friday is a fight for many women, Let us help you to set up your own game plan to score the best deals on this special day!

1. Set a Budget

Smart shoppers know that November 25th, or the day after Thanksgiving is the day to score the best deals. But before you begin scrolling over ads and plunking down your money, you need to first nail down your Black Friday budget. Setting an overall budget, plus a limit on specific items. This will help you a lot to avoid spending too much of your savings on this occasion.

2. Pay attention to Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

If you want to be the queen of this sale-off party, do not forget to be that the early bird shopper of Black Friday. Stores opening on Thanksgiving day will advertise door buster deals. There are also midnight crazy sales and early bird specials. Check the list of stores for holiday hours, special sales and ad coupons so that you don’t miss any good deal. Also, several malls at your neighborhood might give out gifts or more offers based on how much you spend. This can add up to incredible savings if you do a lot of your shopping at the same center.

3. Check all store policies in advance.

There’s always a moment when you love a bag or a dress but completely insist on returning it back on the next day. Check the return and exchange policies for Black Friday sales to make sure that the store won’t charge a restocking fee for any item you bring back.
 Electronics at Target, for instance, carry a 15 percent restocking fee. And returns on furniture at Macy’s must be scheduled within three days. So remember to ask about the return policy before paying

4. Keep Yourself charged up

Shopping can consume a lot of your energy, and hitting the mall for marathon shopping on Black Friday can easily make you tired and even exhausted, especially if you started standing in line since morning hours.
Make sure you don’t overeat on the last night of Thanksgiving and bring supplies to keep you charged up throughout the day. In short, you want to neither starve yourself, nor feed yourself too much on that biggest sale season of the year.

5. Divide and conquer

Of course, you will want to hit more than one store on Black Friday. But “limited” is a familiar shopping tag for almost all items, even as few as 20 or 30 per store. In this case, you’re more likely to nabbing every item on your list if you fan out. Swap lists, split up the stores, keep in touch by mobile phone and meet up before checking out. Shopping with friends is more fun, teamwork can also satisfy everyone on Black Friday.

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