Surprise ice cream DIY

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Chill off the heat of summer with these ice cream cones that won’t melt, because they are actually surprised balls!!! Layers and layers of streamers wrap up the surprising mini treats and candies. Can you think of a better way to unwrap some-r fun? Enjoy this summer DIY from CharmPop and don’t forget to visit our shop of amazing pop up cards.

Materials needed: streamers in ice cream colors, scissors, 4” x 2” paper cones, light brown watercolor, small paintbrush, glue, small scraps of colorful paper, small treats for inside the streamers.

Step 1: Using light brown watercolor, paint diagonal lines on the cone in a cross-hatch pattern. Note, this can be a little tricky, so don’t worry about being perfect. Set aside to dry. If you want, you can omit painting the cones, they will still be just as cute without the painted cone marks.
Step 2: Take a 10-12 foot length of streamer, and fold it over and over on itself until it is about 3 inches long.
Step 3: Cut the streamer in half lengthwise, to create thinner strips of paper. Depending on the size of your treats and the size of the ice cream scoop you want, you will need to do Steps 2 and 3 about 3-4 times.
Step 4: Begin wrapping the streamer around one of the treats. Continue wrapping and adding treats as you wrap. When you have a good size “ice cream ball”, secure the end with a little glue. Set aside.
Step 5: Cut a 13” piece of matching streamer. Fold in half lengthwise. Fold again widthwise. You will now have a 1” x 7” length.
Step 6: Cut fringe into the strip on the unfolded side.
Step 7: Apply glue on the top of the paper cone, and attach the ice cream ball. Add an extra treat into the base of the cone, if you want. Let dry.
Step 8: Apply a line of glue where the ball meets the cone, and attach the fringe around the cone. Let dry, then gently ruffle the fringe open.
Step 9: Cut tiny pieces of colored papers to create “sprinkles.” Glue onto the top of the ice cream scoop.

13 thoughts on “Surprise ice cream DIY

  1. Robin says:

    Love these….they make our weekend much more fun. It’s a traditional thing between me and my kids that we gather and make craft projects together. This is definitely enjoyable!

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