Cat playing with yarn pop up card

Cat playing with yarn pop up card has a black cover with a lovely kitten pattern. The image reveals just enough of the surprise inside. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of a cute black and white cat playing with his favorite roles of yarn.
We always leave the card blank so that you can personalize your own words.

Inspirations of Cat playing with yarn :

Whether or not you are a cat person, you are no doubt familiar with the timeless duo of cats and yarn. The tendency of our feline friends to make yarn and string their favorite playthings has been a widely recognized phenomenon for decades.

You love your friends for plenty of reasons, but sometimes it can be hard to put into words exactly why they’re so great. If they are cat lovers, then a cute cat will never go wrong on any occasion, especially on a birthday. This funny cat pop up card will make a wonderful gift, plus saving you all the troubles of getting a real cat for your friends.

Occasions for Cat and yarn:

Cat playing with yarn is suitable for cat lovers of all ages on their birthday. Put a smile on your loved ones face by gifting them this amazing kitten pop up card.

One CharmPop card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 5×7 ( inch)
Colors: custom color
Wholesales Price: contact

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