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Nguyen Thao – a story of one person connects perfect dreams.

Telling about dreams, most people often think of something very sublime or very luxury. However, the dream of CharmPop ( Pop-up card Vietnam) tells you a story which is extremely authentic, casual but not tiny – come from a little girl named Nguyen Thao. Burning the candle at both ends through a long time, Nguyen Thao is realizing her forever young’s dream.

CharmPop was received lots of love and support from the customers in the world in spite of burning in 3 years. Definitely, many customers are coming and enjoying each of our cards have felt warm breath in each design, it is by nature gentle, by fervent love, by modern, by unique and especially it is the fire of her passion, her devotion, her caring as well the sleepless nights to find out the right way as her “ THINK…MAKE..SHARE and GIVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT” dream as she wants. And overall, it is all dreams of a perfect CharmPop ( Pop-up cards Vietnam) – named Nguyen Thao. Therefore, all of what are the most valuable and the most respectable which CharmPop team is receiving is the customer’s embrace and warm support and then gather with CharmPop to continue lighting up her dream.

And when you come and work together with Nguyen Thao – how many of you will be curious to understand thoroughly  Nguyen Thao’s dreams?

Pineapple – Dua is her lovely nickname.

She just wants to tell you one story about laser-cutting handmade cards and bring each sweet moment of life into each pop-up card as her way is going …

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