How Should You Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad Or Grandfather?

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For many of us, “father” is synonymous with love, guidance, mentor, and support. That love does not dissipate after our fathers die – in fact, our admiration often grows as we ourselves age. So on Father’s Day, how should you Celebrate Father’s Day – especially if this is your first Father’s Day without your dad or grandfather? That’s what we asking readers. We hope you will find inspiration from them about how to pay tribute to the memory of our dear dads and granddads.

My grandfather passed away almost a year ago. It saddens me because he was the only grandfather – the only Dad I knew. For Father’s Day, my mom and I will visit my grandfather’s grave and place flowers there. So we will also bring Vietnamese home-cooked food and eat it nearby. To incorporate memories of my grandfather, I will cook some favorite soups that he always liked. Also, I will talk to my sister about him and have a quiet moment to myself to reflect…— Nguyen Thao, Vu

I have lived without my Dad from when I was 3 months… That was about 27 years ago. Every year during Father’s Day, I honor my father by looking over old pictures with my mom and writing one letter by hand but they have never been sent to him. I will keep them until one day I can feel comfortable to talk to him as his daughter. But from my heart, I always want to give him much love…—  Alex

My lucky father moved his house to another province and it means I will not have chances to celebrate Father’s day with him this year. I will buy one perfect card and one his favorite watch. Then I will send them to him by post…— Jeff

Other ideas to help you pay tribute

    1. Gather family for a meal featuring his favorite foods
    2. Plant one of his favorite plants and enjoy it year after year
    3. If he loved fishing, you could make one picnic with family at his favorite places before
    4. Give one gift to a charity he supported
    5. Have one dinner at any place that was frequented by you with him in your childhood (say a park, your school, a former residence or a street)

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