To celebrate for your best friend’s birthday!

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We get really excited collecting ideas to create this special list. These are super cool things that will sure satisfy your best buddy on best friend’s birthday. So stay tuned and enjoy reading these ideas.

Gifts from Old Memories

There might be many things you both might be fond of, in your past. It could be anything, for example- Me and one of my best friend use to love collecting silk scarfs of different countries. We both had a bunch of silk scarfs.

You might also have something common you have shared in your past. Why don’t you gift that thing to your friend, he/she will get surprised to see the gift. I am actually doing this for my best friend on his birthday, I am going to give all my old coins as gift wrapped up for surprises. I know more than surprised he will get shocked to see me giving my coins to him. You can also do the same way, believe me, he/she will be very surprise to see that kind of gift.

Unplanned trip

When was the last time you have planned an unplanned trip, 2 years back? 4 years? or never? Really never? Ohh gosh, I think you have really missed out the fun of life. An unplanned trip is the most exciting thing you can be part of. That means you have to plan the unplanned trip, that eventually means your best friend should be unaware of it.

On birthday, call your best friend and just tell him/her to meet outside his/her home. When he/she will come, then you have to tell that “it is an unplanned short trip, so no matter what you have to come”. You can call other friends as well. Go for beach, outing, camping, adventure sports, etc. for one day or two days. It will be too much fun and excitement, but more than that your best friend will remember this awesome day for rest of his/her life. So that makes it the best surprise for your best friend.

 A Group drive way

I know many of you might be working or busy in day to day life even to me. If I want to make a trip, it will take much time to arrange my working schedule. And a trip is certainly not possible for you. So if a trip doesn’t work for you, then why not just a road drive trip and this can also be unplanned and fun, that means you can surprise your friend just by taking him/her for the trip at the moment. I mean, let him/her be unaware of this and on the date of birthday you can just directly take him/her for it.

Cook surprise

I really love cooking for my beloved when I have free time. Why don’t you cook something for your best friend calling him/her up at home. This will be really a surprise to him/her. I have tried this ( but at my best friend’s  home) and would like to share the experience if you allow.

On her birthday I called her and told her that come to my place as I have special thing for you for your birthday. She came in and I told her that I want to cook your favorite dishes for you. She was so surprised and her reaction was like she had won a crown for miss universe, LOL.  I thought it was unforgettable in her rest life.

Take her/ him to his/her favorite concert

One live concert ticket of Angus and Julia Stone on his/her Birthday will make her/ him happy the whole day. I had one live concert with my friend in Australia last year.  It was our unforgettable moment at there.  Till now he still often reminds me of this concert and hopefully we can enjoy some more ones together for many years.

Surprise with a letter

We are living in a digital world, where things are just a few clicks away from our reach. I found these days people generally do their work easy, just by wishing their friends and relatives using digital platforms. i.e email, chats, online messages, chat apps, video chat, etc..

In case you prefer to save your time and efforts, your best friend, he/she will still love you. But if you are asking me for surprises, then I would definitely not advice you this because I have something very different in my mind.

The ideal is simple but different from the common things that everybody does. I am talking about writing a letter. I really would love to do special things by myself and send them to my beloved. Maybe many people think it is old –fashioned way to show your feeling. However, can you imagine how surprise he/she will be to see the wrapped letter at his/her door on the birthday. I would love to suggest you giving it a try and see what happens. You can add some small gifts and one pop-up card with it as well. This cute surprise from you can make his/her whole day happy.

Below is some new Birthday pop-up cards which our team would love to introduce to you for your reference on his/her Birthday in this summer.

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