6 Ways to bring autumn to your home

Autumn means parties, guests, and family gatherings. Bring in the look and feel of the outdoors with these nine easy ideas for adding a fall touch to your home. Bring the crisp autumn to your home: Whether you need something to decorate in this year’s Thanksgiving dinner host or just a little something to brighten someone’s fall day. You can find all the brilliant ideas you need for the colorful season of fall.

Displaying handmade autumn leaves art pieces

This autumn tree pop up card has a brown cover that features a maple tree. The image hints just a little at the sweet surprise inside. Wish your special someone a happy anniversary with this beautiful love card. The die-cut design is shaped beautifully to create a giant maple tree with beautiful autumn color.This autumn tree pop up card is perfect to display for this Thanksgiving occasion.

Framing fall leaves

Create a wall grouping with fall flair by framing fall leaves, autumn-colored paper and sentiments that celebrate the season. You can also add a temporary touch of fall to any flat-fronted frame by hot gluing acorn tops to its surface. Design by Layla Palmer

Brown Paper Blossoms

Create large wall blossoms by cutting petals out of brown paper bags. Use museum putty to attach them to the wall in an organic pattern for a temporary, fun and festive look. Design by Destiny Alfonso

Rustic Elements

Chippy, barn wood frames and a wreath made of red and rust-colored leaves add up to one fantastic fall-inspired wall display by blogger Melaine Thompson.

Open Frames

Pumpkins and sheaths of wheat, backed by a display of open frames, have a decidedly fall feel with the addition of a dried artichoke wreath and family name initial. Design by Cailan Matthews

Metallic Mirrors

Create warmth by spray-painting inexpensive, wood mirror frames with metallic spray paint. Hang in a grid pattern behind pumpkins and fall leaves for a contemporary-meets-traditional look. Design by Lani Ariani

Primitive Perfected

Distressed shutters and shelves make great backdrops and ledges for faux fall leaves and another autumn-inspired decor. Design by Ruth Winans

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