Pirate cupcake pop up card ( Cream)

Pirate cupcakes pop up card has a brown cover that has a cupcake pattern. The image reveals just enough of the cool surprise inside. Open the card and you will find a stunning three-dimensional sculpture of an awesome cupcake with pirate decorations.
We always leave the card blank so that you can personalize your own words.

Inspirations of Pirate Cupcake pop up card:

The card is inspired by a simple birthday party of little pirates. No matter what flavor frosting or cake, or what ages the recipients, cupcakes are still an all-time favorite birthday gift. Our craftsmen have carefully design layers and layers of the pop-up to make the sculptures look as yummy as the real cakes. We hope that cute moment will help you feel warm and happy on your birthday.

Occasions for Pirate Cupcake pop up card:

The card is best suitable to celebrate Birthday for little boys or for those who have sweet tooth. This special designs will be perfect as a birthday invitation for your little boy’s pirate- theme birthday party

One CharmPop Card comes with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.
Size: 5×7( inch)
Colors: custom color
Wholesales Price: contact